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At WAZOBIA World Language Services

We offer state-of-the-art telephone
interpretation services.


WAZOBIA World Language Services was formed in 2007 in answer to the growing demand for first-class translation, localization and conference interpreting services provided by qualified language professionals.


As a full-service language company dedicated to offering quality services with fast turn-around times, WAZOBIA delivers cutting-edge translation and interpreting services to the international business community in more than 170 languages. Our high-quality services are founded upon worldwide native-born language professionals with extensive experience in different business arenas, dedicated to maximizing your success by helping you stay ahead of your competitors in this highly globalized market.




At WAZOBIA World Language Services, we know that language and culture are integral parts of our lives. This certainty is reflected in every project we complete. At WAZOBIA, we match each client with a linguist with a specialized vocabulary and background in whatever professional field necessary.


Every WAZOBIA translator and interpreter is fluent in the language to which he or she is assigned, as well as knowledgeable and respectful of the cultures and customs of the countries in which those languages are spoken.


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WAZOBIA World Language Service a network of over 14,000 trained language professionals available worldwide.


Our translators and interpreters are:


  • NATIVE-BORN speakers
  • CERTIFIED in their language pair
  • EDUCATED at university and/or language certification program


Let WAZOBIA can handle your next international project.



Call WAZOBIA World Language Services today
and lets get started on your next project

(240) 688-3380.